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14 octobre 2020

Niji chooses Singapore to establish its first international office

Niji chooses Singapore to establish its first international office

After nearly 20 years of organic growth in France, the Consulting, Design and Technology Company keeps up developing by opening a new chapter in the APAC Region.


For almost 20 years, Niji has been supporting companies of all sizes in all economic sectors through the digital transformation, turning ideas into reality. With a well-established presence in France, including six operational offices located in Rennes (Head Office), Paris, Lille, Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux, Niji accelerates its growth with its first overseas subsidiary, opened in January 2020. This digital services company chose Asia, and the strategic hub of Singapore, as a springboard to its debut on the international stage. They aim to support the many French companies operating in Asia, as well as their European counterparts, while also attracting key regional players in all economic sectors in which Niji has in-depth market knowledge.


At the dawn of its 20th birthday, Niji aims to expand internationally

Since it was established in 2001, Niji has always emphasised its strong regional French base. With offices in several of the country's major cities, this Consulting, Design and Technology Company currently employs nearly 900 people, with 45% of them in Paris and 55% in other regions around France, In 2019, Niji achieved a €83-million turnover. From its Head Office in Rennes, expanding over the years to Paris, Lille, Nantes, Lyon and then Bordeaux, at the heart of dynamic economic areas drawing on rich pools of talent and world-class industry, Niji has successfully gained the loyalty of its customers in multiple sectors, including big names from the CAC 40, but also SMEs and mid-caps rooted in the regional economic fabric.

Niji used to focused on B2C companies, mostly operating in the Service Sector, firmly embedded in domestic markets. Over the last four years, the digital Company has diversified its client portfolio with new clients from the Industry Sectors, mostly B2B, and thus internationally oriented, in terms of people, governance and geographic locations. Niji wants to support these clients in their development strategies beyond French borders with a consistent approach and seamless service, and chose Asia as the first major region in which to roll out this strategy.


Singapore: a city-state at the gateway to South-East Asia

Little more than 50 years after its foundation, Singapore currently accounts for most French investment in South-East Asia, with over €10 billion invested annually through more than 700 subsidiaries of French companies currently established on the island.* The European Union is the leading foreign investor in the region, with local bases for many companies whose digital priorities in certain sectors are similar to those addressed by Niji on behalf of its French clients.

Despite the global health crisis, Singapore remains a land of opportunity with advanced infrastructure and world-leading business momentum. The city-state was therefore an obvious choice for Niji, after several research trips to Asia in 2018 and 2019, to meet executives working for French companies already established in Singapore. Although Singapore has not been spared from the Covid-19 crisis, the local authorities have managed to minimise the health impact thanks to drastic measures. However, economic momentum has slowed, particularly in the first half of the year, and Niji's teams in Singapore have had to adapt.

Ideally located on Orchard Road in the heart of the city-state, the Niji subsidiary is led by Adrien Thomas, formerly Niji's Business Development Manager in Paris, who volunteered to be relocated to Asia to take on this great challenge. The subsidiary currently employs three people and signed its first contracts in the summer.

The firm’s value proposition in Singapore is naturally based on the three fundamental pillars: Consulting, Design and Technology, with a particular focus on Niji’s expertise in the solutions published by Salesforce.


"Opening this first subsidiary abroad is an important step in Niji's development. It is also a source of pride to be able to project the company beyond French borders and continue its construction. This international dimension is awaited by our French clients, but it has also been an aspiration of our staff, some of whom are eager for new perspectives," explains Hugues Meili, Niji's CEO. "We have strong ambitions and we are putting them into practice over the next 12 months by building a team of 10 people in Singapore (consultants, designers and technology experts), enabling us to help French and European companies, but also Singaporean businesses, through the challenges of their digital transformation, from ideas to reality. We have witnessed and supported profound changes among our clients over 19 years. This unique, multi-sector experience is a valuable asset, confirmed by our initial exchanges with the local ecosystem and the first contracts we have secured since January."

* Data from the French embassy in Singapore - 2020

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