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18 décembre 2019

Sustainable Design x Niji

Sustainable Design x Niji


More visuals,

More videos,

More all-over-the-place websites,

More requests, more links and even more hyperlinks,

More connected objects,

More connected objects that talk to other connected objects,

More immersive experiences,

More emails,

More CYA emails,

And even more Reply All to those same emails.

More, more, more…

Always more.


In the name of design, digital transformation and user-centricity, we created the 6th most polluting country, aka the Internet.


At Niji, we are convinced that we gradually need to challenge those acquired reflexes as none of them are innate.

At Niji, we do believe that tomorrow will be invented by not reproducing yesterday.


Sustainable Design is not a trend. Nor a fad.

It is not a chimera. Nor a revolution.

It is plain old common sense.


To the mores and mores, we state that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s ‘less is more’ is a true motto. 


The Sustainable Design x Niji is built upon 3 pillars:

Experience and interface design (front design), the backend (code, PIMS,) and network architecture; all of which mirror our know-how in design, consultancy and technology.


Sustainable Design allows for a complete alignment between brand values and business objectives, first and foremost. 

And because everything is inter-connected, the Sustainable Design demands the ideation of new visual codes, new ways of coding and new architecture flows.

In short, it requires a lot of courage on behalf of our clients that are quickly becoming the pioneers of this global urgency.


We are already committed in supporting our clients in this direction.

We look forward to having that discussion with you.

See you very soon.


Nota: the illustration is an ASCII art, ie composed of system fonts.


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Frédéric PAYEN
Directeur Marketing et Communication