The Nijicast of Elsa Thabart

Director, Human Resources
There is a wide variety of profiles at Niji.
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Hi Elsa! How would you describe the state of mind and atmosphere at Niji?

I would firstly say: proximity and simplicity. We truly cultivate the art of living together, as well as high standards and the pride in our know-how and expertise. There is a wide variety of profiles at Niji.

How is that reflected in everyday life?

Firstly, in each person’s work experience before Niji and also in their personalities. We certainly don’t recruit clones at Niji. And this is reinforced by our value proposition, which goes from idea to reality, after a substantial design phase. And we go all the way to assisting our user customers, the proper understanding of the tools, etc. There is real diversity, which can be felt every day at Niji. We thus have a variety of profiles across several sites.

In what cities are you based?

In Rennes, Paris, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Lyon. All of these people work together on different projects, for a large variety of customers. And there are no partitions. Differences are part of Niji’s major assets, allowing a real sharing of knowledge.

In your opinion, what is Niji’s distinctive feature?

The strength of collective work. At Niji, we can really propose, invent, innovate, and most importantly, we have the right to make mistakes. This is real open-mindedness and an undeniable Niji asset.

How does Niji develop its employees' careers?

We have two major principles: the first is continuous learning. For instance, as soon as a team completes a project, there is a feedback session. This makes it possible to share good practices and the acquired know-how with everyone. This is true from one entity to another. We give one another tips, so that we can reproduce things and go further on the next projects. We thus share at all levels, at all times. 

The second major principle is that we listen to our employees and support their career development wishes. These may consist of vertical advancement: “I want to improve my expertise, I want to push ahead by taking on management duties”. Or horizontal advancement: “I want to learn new skills. I want a change, from sales to administration, or consulting, etc.” We can even listen to the career development wishes of an employee who wants to develop a business in another country. This is how we opened our agency in Singapore, for example.

Was there anything that struck you when you first arrived at Niji?

The conviviality! There are so many festive moments, organized by the teams, or organized by Management. It’s something very strong at Niji. A good example? Even when an employee has left Niji, there are convivial get-togethers and we hold festive Alumni events on a regular basis. We invite employees who left us a few months ago, or even a few years ago, to share a good moment with them.