On the move

New forms of mobility

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A crisis acts as an accelerator of change, a pivotal moment when courageous decisions need to be made. Companies must adjust their strategies and policies concerning transport and mobility, in view of current challenges.

Today, we no longer buy a car

Today, we rent a car, we book an e-scooter. The energy and transport sectors are no longer segmented. Quite the contrary, they overlap and intertwine. The transport industry must design new services to support this shift towards the energy industry. How should these new services be offered? How should they be distributed? How should they be maintained? The answers to all those questions can be found in the digital world.

Refocusing on the user

At Niji, we are convinced that the human being is the central focus. We study people’s travels and expectations. We know, for instance, that the new forms of mobility are not used for pleasure but for daily requirements. The utmost simplification of travel routes thus becomes the norm, even before the question of cost.