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Energy transition

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The energy transition is a complete transformation of our modes of consumption, as well as an unprecedented diversification of our energy sources across the territories, and a new way of conceiving and operating energy systems. In that regard, digital solutions are powerful allies. 

We need to play an active role in the transformation process

Rise in the cost of energy, raw materials, etc. In such a context that affects the entire supply chain, companies have no other choice but to reposition themselves. New business models are emerging to address the challenges of the energy transition. At Niji, beyond tracking the rapid changes in regulatory requirements, we know how to imagine new positionings and offer eco-designed solutions. In other words, we can integrate the energy transition into a company’s transformation strategy.

Freeing people from guilt

Today, people feel lost, as behaviors that were once acceptable are no longer tolerated. Yet, when we try to act, we no longer have any room for error. The fear of falling into the greenwashing trap annihilates the noblest efforts. We must thus be extra indulgent, keep in mind that it is difficult to adopt new behaviors, and free people from guilt.