Data at the service of business


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Over recent years, data has been the focus of much attention, and thus major investments. Now, the question is what companies can and should do with all the data accumulated through Big Data processes?

We know how to separate signal from noise

Companies already use data and analytics on a large scale. By reinventing their use of data and producing relevant use-cases, companies can get rapid returns on investments. We can thus give meaning to data by extending its use to cover all contacts and users.

Getting the most out of data

We assist our customers throughout the entire data value chain. This involves defining a trajectory and conducting data quality and maturity audits to make sure that the data is usable. We optimize and centralize the data in data lakes by reconciling the different formats and sources. Lastly, we analyze the data to draw concrete conclusions and accelerate the transformation of business models. At Niji, we don’t just focus on the technical aspect, but integrate the data into a larger ecosystem according to the business sector.