Raising emotions

Customer experience

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Integrating an e-commerce and m-commerce approach in one’s strategy has become indispensable. As all companies must be able to sell their products and services through digital channels, new modes of customer engagement are emerging.

Finding the right combination

To adapt to the changes and attract customers, you need strength, rapid response and the right combination. Every day, we manage data, AI and algorithms that make it possible to classify and segment information and find the right personalized message. We will test out various combinations and find the right one to secure customers’ long-term engagement. There is no eternal, enduring truth. Truth thus changes according to the context.

We go further than the user-centric approach.

We are humans. Not only users. With conscious and unconscious facets. And everything in between. Yet, by constantly rolling out user-centric methodologies, we obtain standardized, undifferentiated products and services that all follow the same pattern (apps for ride-hailing, banking, food delivery, etc.). At Niji, we put emotions back at the heart of the experience. Only by creating a strong emotional bond between the brand and the user can we build a differentiating experience and gain the loyalty of our targets.