Focus on new working practices

Agile organizations

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Collaboration and dialog are at the heart of the transformation in current work practices. This paradigm shift requires the rethinking of work practices, methods and organizational aspects in order to increase the agility of employees and that of the company.

The transformation does not solely apply to IT teams

Indeed, companies must draw inspiration from product-mode organization in order to bring together within the same team all the persons – from business functions and IT – who can contribute to their transformation. No more segmentation of the different skills. The product no longer goes from one service to another! It is designed and developed in an agile way by a unified multidisciplinary team sharing the same resources and the same schedule. At Niji, we help teams do away with silo-type organization to the benefit of the company’s collective intelligence.

Digital factories must now step up their development

Digital factories are genuine incubators of new work practices: they are more agile given the removal of barriers between business functions and IT. But we are convinced that they must now step up their development to increase their impact. We must create a virtuous circle of performance measurement across the entire value chain to turn them into real development drivers.