Editorial by Hugues Meili

Niji Chairman & CEO
The word “digital” was not yet commonly used to cover the vast convergence between uses and technologies.
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Niji, “making convergence a reality”. 

Such was the mission given to the innovative company dreamed up and founded in 2001 – in the midst of a crisis in the Information and Communications Technology market – by a handful of former colleagues already welded together by a solid common experience and a shared vision of the changing World. 

The word “digital” was not yet commonly used to cover the vast convergence

between uses and technologies, between content and containers, between IT and telecommunications, or between applications and networks, despite the internet’s promising start within Society.


The word “digital” is now universally used.

That magic word – because it is unique – now covers the most structural transformations that companies need to design and implement in order to carry out the most pressing social, energy-related and environmental transitions.

Digital technology is the indispensable foundation for such transformations.

With our three business lines, i.e. consulting, design and technology implementation

we are at your side “from idea to reality” using an approach that combines proximity, agility, inventiveness, power, speed and resilience.

The best of a mid-market company that capitalizes on over 20 years of progressive assertion and exclusively organic growth

resolutely multi-sector in order to provide each customer with the great variety of experience gained by a multidisciplinary team where diversity stands out as a major asset.

September 2001

Niji founding date.

1,200 talents with soft skills and expertise embedded in the difference of their personal, academic and professional achievements

who jointly perform their respective jobs with passion in accordance with state-of-the-art codes and practices, while living in authentic synergy in the big Niji “family”, steadily built over time, in total confidence and trust with its stakeholders.