Commitment is not a constraint, quite the contrary


Environment, social responsibility, governance, territory and economy: every day, we strive to take concrete measures in each of these areas, raise the awareness of our stakeholders, and adopt a long-term CSR approach.


We have put in place concrete measures to individually and collectively reduce our carbon footprint. At the same time, we inspire our customers by offering them a range of responsible services.

Social responsibility

Within an inclusive, caring company culture embedded in our values, our ambition is to help our talents – in all their diversity – to achieve excellence.



For 2023, the company’s Gender Equality Index score was 93/100.


We strive to develop an open and participative operating model that promotes ethics. A governance that consults, listens, shares and learns from the surrounding world!


Because we have premises in several major French cities, we support regional efforts and contribute to the territories’ economic development.


Our CSR approach is rooted in an economic rationale that allows us to invest in order to grow and evolve, while being a socially committed company.

An idea?

Our CSR approach is flexible and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our practices. Send us your suggestions at