Revolutionize the comfort of the home with the help of a station that centralizes objects and connected services!

The mission

Set up the website and iOS and Android apps to bring new offers that revolutionize home comfort, through extremely precise heating control, energy consumption monitoring, indoor air quality analysis and many other home comfort services.

The ambition

Initiate the digital shift and the rise of connected objects to position themselves as a sustainable partner in the French households, thanks to an EDF subsidiary offer.

Our Response Our Stance

A complete Digital Information System

Institutional portal, e-shop, online agency, community space, mobile application to pilot remote services: the specifications are dense and ambitious. We advocated the architecture of the Digital Information System, worked in framing, co-construction and technical support, with phases of testing, risk analysis, concept deepening, while respecting particularly tight deadlines.

Support in start-up mode

EDF is one of the few players to be both an energy supplier, an energy service provider and a creator of connected objects. Its position makes it possible to consider a real global ecosystem around the energy for the individuals and to give another concept of home comfort. Together, we worked in start-up mode, to co-build digital solutions, facilitate interactions between teams and reduce decision times. We worked in agile mode to lead the different topics and keep a global approach.

A spirit of partnership

We approached the project in a spirit of trust and partnership, with all the necessary flexibility in a context of simultaneous construction of a brand platform, a connected object, an IoT platform and all his IS.

An architecture made to meet the challenges of this home connected station:

Good technical architecture 

We have advocated technological choices and proven components, taking into account the importance of future volume with an ambition to reach one million customers in France within 10 years.

The future evolution of brand and its products offers

Today, with a changing market, it is essential to allow Sowee to be able to quickly evolve the various offers and services that remain to be invented.

Meet deadlines

An organization in short sprints, a realization piloted in proximity with the project platform while benefiting from the strength of our sites development in Rennes, Nantes and Paris, and thus hold very ambitious deadlines.

A complete digital system (website and apps) available from the commercial launch of Sowee and scalable to easily support upcoming offers and features.
Up to 25 people
Up to 25 people
According to needs
1 operation
1 operation
In co-construction
5 months
5 months
creating a digital IS
Rédouane Boulahya
Information System Director of Sowee
A valuable accompaniment with Niji's global approach
For 70 years, the EDF group has been innovating for the well-being of its customers. It seemed essential today to offer, with Sowee, an offer that allows to integrate the connected objects, more and more at the center of our uses. This is the beginning of a long and beautiful story written for Sowee. Niji, with its capacity of adaptation, industrialization and software strength, made it possible to approach the whole of the project, to build our digital IS and to respect tight deadlines while working in strong interaction with all the bricks of the Information System.
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