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Reinventing consumer practices with connected objects linked to sleek apps.

The project

To create a Google Glass app to allow customers to purchase clothing on the go. High-street fashion brand Kiabi is constantly looking to bring its customers new digital experiences using cutting-edge technology.

The ambition

To use connected objects to shape consumer behaviour. The app is aligned with Kiabi's digital strategy (m-commerce, web-to-store, e-reservation, etc.).

Our response Our stance

A new, fun and interactive consumer experience

See a pair of trousers or sweater you like while you're out and about? You can now use the Kiabi Look Google Glass app to take an instant snapshot of the article of clothing and find similar items in the Kiabi collection. These results are then compiled into a wishlist, delivered by email to the user's smartphone, so they can place an order via the website or reserve the product in a nearby store.

A ground-breaking app in the fashion industry

There are already Google Glass apps in many sectors such as health, services, property and retail, yet these are something of a rarity in France. But we are breaking new ground by using connected objects to reveal new business opportunities.

A fresh perspective with Google Glass This new connected object technology offers a wealth of perspectives. Through demonstrations and several projects, we've learned how to get the very best out of Google Glass. We have a keen understanding of new attitudes, giving us a deep insight into the behaviour of future users.

Overcoming technical barriers to create a public interface This public app had to be intuitive and easy-to-use. We looked for ways to develop a truly fluid and continuous user experience, overcoming technical barriers.

Harnessing the potential of personalised cross-channel The main aim of this project was to develop an app that would get customers buying. The brand wanted to satisfy customer needs by guiding them to make online reservations or visiting the nearest store to purchase their goods.

The result
A bespoke Google Glass app for Kiabi, with a user experience that has revolutionised the buying journey and demonstrated the brand's commitment to cross-channel.
Mathias Blactot
Director, Web Innovation, KIABI
A new world of possibilities in the fashion industry
Google Glass is the natural extension of mobile technology, and our Kiabi Look app – developed by Niji – is fully aligned with our innovations in the field of m-commerce. The app opens a new world of possibilities in the fashion industry and personal goods sector. Kiabi Look is simple yet revolutionary, continuing the trend of new services that change our day-to-day lives, like Shazam has done for music.
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