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Corporate social responsibility

Here at Niji, we are firm believers in the importance of social progress, taking practical steps to support a number of charities and non-profit organisations. We're proud to work closely with P'tits Doudous, a charity that works to improve the lives of hospitalised children. Building on our roots and values, we also have a long-standing relationship with Bretagne Vivante, an organisation that campaigns to protect the coastline of Brittany. Each year, we also take part in a race in Issy to raise funds for Special Olympics, an international non-profit organisation that works to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities through sport.


Greener Niji – let’s do our bit! It's also our duty to protect our environment through healthy, sustainable development. Greener Niji is an in-house initiative that seeks to ensure we consider the environment in everything we do – through awareness-raising activities, hands-on action and eco-friendly decision-making on client projects. As part of the scheme, we've set up working and liaison groups at each of our sites, and we manage environmental concerns closely to make sure we take the necessary action, day after day.

Data security

As digital technologies invade every aspect of our lives it’s our job, as a digital service company, to make sure that business, process and technical data are used in an intelligent and responsible way. We therefore work hard to ensure that everyone involved in our projects and assignments – both in-house staff and clients and partners – follows our data criticality and vulnerability procedures and commitments to the letter. These aspects are overseen by a Data Security and Information System Manager, who reports directly to the CEO and manages a dedicated, multi-disciplinary structure (IT, finance and accounts, HR, business lines) responsible for auditing our procedures regularly, adjusting them to reflect external changes, and stressing the importance of our procedures to clients and suppliers.