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Strong ties to our roots

Niji was founded in Brittany in 2001, and the region has remained an integral part of our history. Our head office is located in Cesson-Sévigné, Rennes, and all our co-founders are either native or adopted Bretons. We've created more than a third of our jobs in the region, including staff employed by our offshoot brands (Kurmi Software, Ikumbi Solutions and Quenaya by Niji).

We therefore had no hesitation in signing up to the Bretagne brand, an initiative launched by the Regional Council, Bretagne Développement Innovation and the Regional Tourist Board.

The aim of the Bretagne brand is to help local businesses, tourism and cultural companies and organisations, charities and institutions grow their reputation on the national and international stage. We’re proud to have been partners of this initiative since 2011.